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Disclaimer: The text below can be considered biased by some because the author lives in a country, which have ratified the UN Conventions on the Rights of a child.
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CEDU was one of the pioneers of the industry based on outsourcing of your children's upbringing.

It was founded by Mel Wasserman - an therapeutic program started in the 1960's based loosely on the book The Profit by Khalil Gibran. Sources varies but most state that the organization was started in 1967, when he bought property in the hills east of  Los Angeles. Others stated that he actually began his work in the business in 1965, when he - at that time running a furniture store - started to take restless youth into his household.

CEDU was pronounced "See-do". A motto did say: "See yourself as you are and do something about it."

Before starting CEDU, Wasserman had sponsored children for another program - Synanon. However when Synanon turned into a cult, he started on his own.

Old CEDU Period (196x - about 1990)

The original CEDU program did not believe in use of psychological medicine. They used hour long group therapy called raps, which left children crying in the end. Today it would be called psychodrama.

New CEDU period (1990 - 2005)


Brown school period:



It closed in early 2005 due to financial problems [7] [8]


CEDU reborn



Behavior modification facilities:

Name Started Closed Reopened
CEDU High School, Running Springs, CA 1967 2005  
CEDU Middle School,  Running Springs, CA 1994 2005  
Rocky Mountain Academy, Idado Bonner's Ferry, Idaho 1982 2005 *
Boulder Creek Academy, Idaho 1993 2005 *
Ascent Wilderness program   2005  *

CEDU and Hollywood


News, articles

On July 15, 1994, a boy from Texas named Jon Avila committed suicide in one of the dormitories of lower Camelot, in a room overlooking a pond. The late Mr. Avila hung himself from the sprinkler pipe with a belt [4].7

In 1997 there was a riot by the detainees of as sister school in North Idaho, Northwest Academy. Five persons were injured [5].

In 2002 the facility was forced to pay $300.000 in settlement in a lawsuit to former client due to abuse [6].



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