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Disclaimer: The text below can be considered biased by some because the author lives in a country, which have ratified the UN Conventions on the Rights of a child.
This page consists of a list of behavior modification programs located in the State of Arizona.


Name of program Short description Wiki Note
    EU US  
ANASAZI Foundation Wilderness program  
Academy of Eastern Arizona Locked boarding school  
America's Buffalo Soldiers Re-Enactors Association summer boot camp Boot camp - closed after the death of a detainee Closed
Blue Hills Academy Shortlived boarding school Closed
Canyon State Academy    
Copper Canyon Academy Locked boarding school  
Oak Creek Ranch School Locked boarding school - article mentions Satanism in a lawsuit  
Re-Creation Retreat Locked boarding school  
Smart Tents Scared straight jail experience in Jail tents  

updated june 10, 2009