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It began with Burrhus Frederic Skinner, who is the spiritual father for a growing industry. It is his theory about the Skinner box, the parents who enrolls children in these facilities use. A child, who is isolated from the outside world, would not inflict damages on him- or her-self.

Around 1970 did the first school open - Provo Canyon School. This school or the better word for it behavior modification facility has been closed several times due to orders from the authorities, but continues to reopen and are in fact still in business today - primarily due to the demand.

CEDU - another of the pioneers in the business, joined the business on another concept. Where Provo Canyon School drugged the children, CEDU in the early years did encourage the children to skip medicine. CEDU, which consisted of several facilities and wilderness therapy programs, closed in 2005, but people are working to reopen one of these places of horror. People like Paris Hilton and children of Barbara Walters, Rosesanne Barr were sent there, because their parents did not have the time to guide them through the difficult years being a teenager. The founder of CEDU - Mel Wasserman - was involved in Synanon before he started CEDU, which were closed by the IRS.

The two major players in the business are Aspen Education Group and World Wide Association of Special Schools and Programs (WWASP). The both started back in the 80'es when the industry boomed due to increased need self-fulfillment among the adults, which meant less time for the children.

Program types

BC Boot Camp Boot camps have been part of the correctional and penal system of the United States since the early 1980's. Modeled after military recruit training camps, the programs are based on shock incarceration grounded on military techniques. Participants typically engage in military-style exercises and marching. Facilities may be residential or "day camps" and may serve a wide range of ages. It is common to find educational and counseling components among such programs. In the recent years the number of Boot camps has declined and several places they have been closed due to deaths [1]. The remaining camp in Florida is "voluntary".
TBS Therapeutic Boarding School Another word for such a facility is a behavior modification facility (or Youth Residential Program). It is a private, residential educational institution to which parents send adolescents who are perceived as displaying asocial behavior, in an attempt to alter their conduct.

A number of therapeutic boarding schools are operated in the United States, with others operating in Mexico, Jamaica and Costa Rica primarily for the children of U.S. residents. The most notable organizations operating such programs is the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASP) operating facilities such as Tranquility Bay, the Spring Creek Lodge Academy and Aspen Education Group.

The behavior modification methodologies used vary, but a combination of positive and negative reinforcement is typically used. Positive reinforcement mechanisms include points, rewards and signs of status, while negative reinforcement may include time-outs, point deductions, reversal of status, prolonged stays at a facility, physical restraint, or even corporal punishment.

RBS Religious Boarding School While marketed as a loving but structured environment, the reality is often a strict regime involving "quiet rooms" aka. rooms meant for isolation, some of them with tapes running 24/7 with prayers. Some of the programs use corporal punishment. A lot of these homes are built after a model developed by the Roloff homes.
WT Wilderness Therapy Wilderness therapy is a form of outdoor education treatment that relies on the natural aspects of a primitive outdoor sojourn.

Like adventure therapy and boot camps, wilderness therapy is often used for behavior modification by the families of young people. But the aims and methods of wilderness therapy don't center on behavior modification. Unlike adventure therapy, wilderness therapy programs avoid what they view as manipulations, contrived activities, psychological games, and contrived consequences.

The industry are frequently hit by new regulations due to deaths. See a typical story [2].

SC Summer Camp Holiday option for parents, who wants time off from their children. Unregulated area.
WL Weight loss camp or boarding school Facilities also common called "fat-camps". Weekly weight loss is rewarded, none punished by exercise and extreme lean food-intake.


Misc. death, which have to be investigated further in order to find hidden and secret prisons for children. Beware: None of these lists are conclusive because most cases are settled out of court, so new potential clients are not scared off.

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