Escuela Caribe

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Current status closed
Detainees.gif Capacity ?
Checked October 18, 2010
Open.gif Opened 1972 [1]
Close.gif Closed 2012 [2]

Escuela Caribe is a behavior modification facility located in the Dominican Republic [3]

It is a part of New Horizon Youth Ministeries in Marion, Indiana.

It was founded in 1972. The agegroup is youth aged between 14 and 17

In 2012 the ministry was bought by Lifeline Youth & Family Services, Inc. The webpage of the facility was taken down and until further notice this program is considered closed.

Program structure

U.S. Department of State - warning against such facilities abroad

The program use a level system. They are named[4]

Level Name Description
Zero Orientation Phase Rules and procedures/learning to take direction.
Second Disillusionment Phase Beginning to become disillusioned with past and beginning to make positive choices.
Third Internalization Phase Program values and standards becoming student's values and standards.
Forth Internalization and Stabilization phase overlaps in this level
Fifth Stabilization Phase Taking leadership, giving back to others, and investing in the program.


They use a curriculum from Michigan Virtual Schools (MVS)[5]. It is claimed to be acredited by both NCA and CITA. If the teenagers have graduated high school, they can online study for college or risk forced labor.

Forced labor

The students can apply for a low paid job at a local elementary school. They have to attend a job interview and they can risk that they are forced to work for free if they don't pass it [6]


This facility used
corporal punishment

The staff can use whether a "unit" or "UC"'s (12 units is given for running away) will result in corporal punishment with a belt or chores. Hair cuts done by the staff is also used as punishment [7]

Bad health (Diarrhoea) will have the consequence that the detainee has to use a bucket when it is needed and carry it around with him or her, so the staff can be shown the contents.

The homepage of the program also state consequenses like doing exercises writing papers, physical work hours, or loss of levels [8]

Mountain View Academy

A 10-week summer program is also offered at the campus. It is called Mountain View Academy. The focus of the program is work projects, cultural education, and team-building experiences [9]

In the news

The author Julia Scheeres have written a book about her and her brothers stay at the facility. The book is called Jesus Land (ISBN-10: 1582433380) [10][11]

In 2011 a campaign to finance the documentary "Kidnapped for Christ" was launced featuring the boarding school as background for a teenage boys exile due to his choice of partners [12]

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