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Checked November 1, 2013

180 Recon or One Eighty Recon is an in-home boot camp styled behavior modification program. Their office at the present time is located in Los Angeles. The location of the boot camp itself has not been established.

The target group is youth aged between 9 and 17.

Program structure

The program starts with 3 day boot camp. According to testimonies the staff collects the youth from the home with parental permission - even in handcuffs when deemed necessary by the staff [1].

Then youth return home, the program services the parents with:

  • School Visits and month checkup of the grades
  • Home Visit
  • Random drug testing
  • Monthy Camp visits

In the media

  • Parents are in the process of making a lawsuit against the program after their teenagers returned from the boot camp in need of hospital treatment [1]
  • Two employees were arrested March 2013 based on charges of abuse [2]

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