Abundant Life Academy

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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 50 reported in
dec 2010 [1]
Checked November 16, 2011
Open.gif Opened 2005
(in Utah)

Abundant Life Academy is a behavior modification facility located in Kanab, Utah and Jessup, Georgia.

The program was founded around year 2000 by Craig and Wendy Rogers [2].

They have previous been active in Mexico until the Mexican government decide to close down most of facilities in their country runned by the American behavior modification industry in 2004 because the conditions in these facilities were not up the standard set by the authorities [2] [3].

They have also been active in the Czech republic before relocating all the activities outside the U.S. to Hidden Canyon Ranch in Nevada [2].

In 2005 the Child protective service in Nevada closed the facility down and removed the children. After a trial the owners of the program decided to move to Utah where regulation of the behavior modification industry are almost non-existing [2].

The are presently located in the facility that at once house a WWASP facility named New beginnings Maternity home. They do however run a totally different program based on a totalitarian belief in Jesus [4]

Program structure

They use a kind of level system consisting of 3 tri-mesters. The level system covers most all aspect of the daily lives of the detainees.


First trimester

  • Must wear full ALA uniform
  • NO JEANS at all
  • Only 3 pairs of shoes (exercise, regular, & shower)
  • No blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners
  • Cannot wear accessories in hair
  • No makeup
  • No friends on contact list
  • No personal drawings or pictures on room walls
  • Cannot listen to any music but worship music (no secular music)
  • May not watch movies
  • No candy or gum
  • May not leave Kanab except with Director’s permission
  • Weekend privileges only if okayed by Directors
  • Internet only for school, approved by Academic Director
  • Service work only

Second trimester

  • Must wear full ALA uniform before 17:00
  • Extra pair of shoes other than ones you have
  • Flip flops on weekends (can’t be worn to church). Only after 17:00 during the week
  • Can have blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners
  • Can wear ribbons in hair and around neck
  • No makeup but can wear light colored nail polish (girls only)
  • Can have pictures of immediate family on walls and personal drawings (no dark subjects)
  • Can have personal CD player and headphones
  • Can listen to approved Christian music (no secular music)
  • Can watch movies on weekend and approved TV shows
  • Candy, snacks, (sent from home) eaten only on weekends
  • No gum
  • One caffeine drink per day (coffee, soda, etc.) before 2:00pm
  • Roller-blades and skateboards with proper safety gear is OK
  • Can leave Kanab with staff permission
  • Can go on one home visit after 5 and a half months
  • Can go on mission trips
  • Can get a job, must write a proposal before hand (no girls at KC’s)
  • Internet only with supervision and for school

Third trimester

  • Individual privileges decided from case by case. The detainee must type out a proposal of privileges and the Directors and APD must approve or disapprove certain privileges. Staff must be given a copy of the privileges.


Being sent to Midcourse Correction Challenge Camp for a weekend [5]. Survivors also speak about being restrained without reason [6].


  • December 2004: The campus in the village of Lake Chapala in Mexico was closed down [3].
  • August 2009: After having learned that the facility was researched by various Non-governmental organizations (NGO) where some of the members of these NGO's post of the Fornits messageboard, the manager of the facility tried to approach the hosting firm where the Fornits messageboard is hosted today [7]. This approach based on undocumented claims that the message board had controversial threads (made by an IP-number from Utah) on it and it failed.
  • October 2010 a 17 year old boy escaped from the facility. A car chase ended in a crash and he was transported to the Flagstaff juvenile detention facility which improved his living standards and gave him legal representation [8]
  • December 2010 an article in the local newspaper spoke of financial difficulties [1]
  • Late 2011 they moved the entire operation to St. George where they took over a campus which used to house Sunhawk Academy [9] [10]

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