Abundant Life Academy

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Abundant Life Academy is a behavior modification facility located in Kanab, Utah and Jessup, Georgia.

The program was founded around year 2000 by Craig and Wendy Rogers.

They have previous been active in Mexico until the Mexican government decide to close down most of facilities in their country runned by the American behavior modification industry in 2004 because the conditions in these facilities were not up the standard set by the authorities.

They have also been active in the Czech republic before relocating all the activities outside the U.S. to Hidden Canyon Ranch in Nevada.

In 2005 the Child protective service in Nevada closed the facility down and removed the children. After a trial the owners of the program decided to move to Utah where regulation of the behavior modification industry are almost non-existing.

The are presently located in the facility that at once house a WWASP facility named "New beginnings Maternity home". They do however run a totally different program based on a totalitarian belief in Jesus.

Program structure

They use a kind of level system consisting of 3 tri-mesters.

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