Academy of Eastern Arizona

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The Academy of Eastern Arizona is a behavior modification program located in Holbrook, Arizona [1].

They detain girls aged between 12 and 17. They claim that the average stay in the program [2].

Program structure


If the girl would not go voluntary, they recommend using a transport firm [3]:

Transportation to The Academy of Eastern Arizona: Transporting the adolescent from their home to The Academy of Eastern Arizona is a sensitive matter from both emotional and security considerations. There are several alternatives available to the parent depending on the troubled teens circumstances and the parent is advised to discuss this aspect of the transition with a member of our staff. We highly recommend Parent Solutions LLC for transportation. They have some of the best agents along with a sincere passion for what they do. Call them at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.


The homepage don't state there the facility is licensed.


They use horses as therapy at the facility.

They have a connection with a similar facility in Fredonia, Arizona called Re-Creation, where staff from this facility gives courses in Verbal Communication.

The homepage describe the facility as a secure facility with locks on doors and windows.

The Academy of Eastern Arizona provides supervision 24 hours per day; 7 days per week. The facility is locked and doors are alarmed at all times to ensure safety. We provide a safe, secure, and structured environment with 24 hr care and supervision. The windows and doors are locked and alarmed and residents are not allowed out of the facility without staff.

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