Achievement Valley Ranch, Inc.

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Achievement Valley Ranch, Inc. is a behavior modification facility located on 45 Angela Lane, Westmoreland, Tennessee 37186 [1].

They are able to detain 12 boys and 10 girls at the facility.

The minimum length of a stay is 6 months, but their FAQ-pages speaks of an average of 12-18 months stay [2].

Program structure

They use a level system with 5 levels.

They operate with something they call consequence free days. In order to move up to the next level they have to achieve a certain number of these days.

  • The detained teenagers start on level 1 called Blaming. The teenager has to reply to the parents fault list with the list of errors, which caused the banishment from their own family. This list is called the "Guts List". They also have to stay at this letter for 3 weeks minimum. They are not allowed to leave the property while they are on this level. All activities will be monitored by the staff.
  • Level 2 is called Visualizing. On this level the teenager has accepted the banishment and that there is no way around remaining at the facility. The teenager has to attend a church of the choice of the facility regardless of personal belief. 10 consequence free days are needed before moving up to the next level.
  • Level 3 is called Demonstrating. This level deals with trying to establish whether the teenager has a genuing wish to change or it is about doing time. 45 (10 in a row) consequence free days are needed before moving up to the next level.
  • Level 4 is called Achtualizing. This level is a leadership level where the teenager shows the Stepford-alike behavior the parents pay for. During this level a home visit will be planned as a kind of probation where the teenager can show that he or she would not fall back to old habbits in the home environment. 90 (21 in a row) consequence free days are needed before moving up to the next level.
  • The final and fifth level is called Peer Leader. The teenager has to show that he or she are prepared to back off from all kind of confrontation. They have to work on their homecontract. 120 (30 in a row) consequence free days are needed before graduating.

After care

On level 5 the teenager has to work on a home contract with the parents. This contract outlines the conditions the teenager will live by in order to be accepted back into his or her family. Consequences for rule violations, which could include further banishment or even permanent banishment if the age limit in the home state are fulfilled are stated in such a contract.


  • Level 1: Letter only, parents speaks with staff only.
  • Level 2: Monitored phonecalls with the parents once per month. After a full month the parents are allowed to visit their off-spring on campus for 4 hours. A second visit off-campus can be allowed if the staff determine so.
  • Level 3: Two phonecalls per month and 1 or 2 day visits in the neighborhood (The teenager shall sleep on campus) after the teenager has stayed at least 3 months on the facility.
  • Level 4: Weekly phonecalls with the parents but unsupervised, 1 overnight visit in the neighborhood.
  • Level 5: Same amount of phonecalls as on the previous level. A 2 day/2 night visit in the immediate area.


They are classified as a Church School by the authorities. Whether this education can be acredited by application to colleges remains unclear.


The consequences can be a combination of the following:

  • Loss of privileges associated with level
  • Time-outs
  • Walking in the back field
  • Additional work projects
  • Loss of level
  • Restriction on activities
  • Writing assignments.

The length of a stay in the time-out room will not exceed one hour unless approved by the director. If this is done the length of time can be up to 2 hours.


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