Alldredge Wilderness Journey

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Alldredge Wilderness Journey is a behavior modification program using the wilderness therapy concept.

It was founded in 1999.

They also used the name Alldredge Academy, but have ceased properly due to a death.

The program last about 60 days on average.

They can detain 60 teenagers of both genders [1]

Program structure

The have two phase in the program. The first one is called Search and Rescue. The hike while being taught a lot of skills.

The next phase is called the Village. There they move into a primitive residential setting where they participate in group training projects.

In the news

Ryan Lewis - 14 years of age at that time - hanged himself at the program in 2001. This parents brought a lawsuit on which they won [2] [3]

On December 16 2008 they announced that the program will closed December 31 2008[4].

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