Anneewakee School

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Checked November 15, 2011
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Anneewakee School was a school for so-called troubled boys which operated on the campus what is now known as Inner Harbour residential treatment center [1].

They later expanded with two additional facilities:

  • A campus for girls near Rockmart in Georgia
  • A campus for boys near Carabelle, Florida

It was closed sometime before 1986 where Inner Harbour according to their homepage claims to have opened. Another source that that the police charged Louis Poetter and nine employees with claims of abuse in 1986 [2].

A memorial site states:

Anneewakee was a residential Treatment center for emotionally disturbed young men which operated in Douglasville , Georgia during the 70's and 80's.The center was the brainchild of Dr. Louis J. Poetter and was set up to give the patients a wilderness living experience while participating in scheduled group, vocational, and educational therapy under the close supervision of psychiatric assistants (or group leaders) as well as a full staff of psychiatric and social workers. The center was eventually closed in the late 80's due to allegations of sexual and physical abuse and forced work imprisonment.It has since re-opened under a different name.[3]

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