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Checked April 29, 2012

Azleway is an organization which offers a number of services. Among services offered are:

  • Adoption services
  • Azleway Boys' Ranch - residential services for boy aged 6 to 17
  • Azleway Charter School
  • Azleway Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) - treatment center in a ranch environment

Program structure (Boy's Ranch)

The program is faith based

In the news

  • In 2006 two boys died while on run from the facility [1]

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  1. Chief Of Police Talked To Azleway Runaways Killed By Train, by Oralia Ortega, KLTV, september 25, 2006
    Teens Killed By Train Identified As Azleway Runaways, by Oralia Ortega, KLTV, september 22, 2006