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*Info: [ Homepage of the facility]
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Baunehoej efterskole (Baunehoej Continuation School) is a boarding School for teenagers aged between 14 and 17 years of aged dependent of when they started in public school (The School offers education for the 10. grade). It is located on Sealand near the town of Frederikssund [1]

The are able to house 79 teenagers of both genders.

The stay are from every August to June.


The use a level system with 2 levels. The first level is the intro level, where the teenager has to find out whether he or she can live outside home in a - according to Danish conditions - structured environment. If they fail, they are free to leave.

Intro level

During the first weeks the teenagers are not at the school. All have to report at the school where they will leave on a 130 km bike ride about the area. It is almost a wilderness course, where they will sleep in sleepingbags, but the food are bought in local supermarkets along the route.

The purpose with this expedition is to apply pressure to the teenagers in order to ensure emotional growth.


General education on the same level as the public school are offered. Such facilities have to meet standards by the department of education.

Living conditions

Two teenagers of the same gender share a room. There are 4 dorms.

General rules

  • Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the campus and during traveling to and from facility. They are also not allowed if the teenager are on a project ordered by the facility. (In the general community there are no rules on alcohol consumption and a 16 year purchase limit.)
  • No staying in rooms of the opposite gender outside the approved visittimes.
  • Teenagers have to be in classes on time.


  • Warnings
  • Suspentions


The teenagers can leave the school on ordinary weekends but some weekends the have to stay at the facility.

The can use one of the four student phones unsupervised, but mobile phones and private computers are not recommended, which in relationship with the below mentioned incident can be grave.

In the news

December 2007 a former teacher was banned from ever working with persons under 18 years of age in relationship with a conviction for two separate relationships with students. He was also convicted for trying to establish a third relation, but the girl used the standard approach to refuse sexual harassment. The next day the girls confronted the teacher and he got fired. He received a suspended sentence for 60 days with probation for two years [2].


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