Behavior modification in Danish TV

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This page is about some Danish TV-shows where they use various aspects of behavior modification.

Ingen kaere mor - alene i junglen

This is a TV-show where 7 teenager who have just graduated the Danish High School are sent out on a wilderness expedition in Borneo lasting 18 days [1].

Vaerdens strengste foraeldre

Danish version of the The world's strictest parents. There have been six episodes:

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Morten and Anastasia Coleman Family in Ireland [2]
2 Frederik and Karen Pattisson Family in Louisiana [2]
3 Morten and Sasha Hammeken family in Greenland [2]
4 Trine and Kodjo Grønbech family in Denmark [2]
5 Michelle and Malou Margit and Joergen in Denmark [2]
6 Henriette and Kim Soerensen family in Denmark [2]

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