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The following movies and films shows examples of behavior modification:

TV Shows

Show Episode Description
Weeds Season 1 - episode 1 & 2 the characters Quinn Hodes is sent to Casa Reforma in Mexico properly modelled after Casa by the Sea. It is not odd that she ends up holding a grudge against her mother.[1]
Higher Grounds Entire serie The show is regarded as promotion for the industry. Among the advisers were the founder of Diamond Ranch Academy [2]
The Sopranos Season - 6 Episode 11 A very realistic use of a Youth transport firm is seen as the troubled son of Vito Jr is sent to an unnamed wilderness therapy program [3]


Movie Description
Boot Camp A fictitious version of Paradise Cove which was located in Samoa instead of Fiji. While a program is operating in Fiji today, it has not been proven that this program looks like the one in the movie.


Show Description

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