Behavior modification in films

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The following movies and films shows examples of behavior modification:

TV Shows

Show Episode Description
Weeds Season 1 - episode 1 & 2 the characters Quinn Hodes is sent to Casa Reforma in Mexico properly modelled after Casa by the Sea. It is not odd that she ends up holding a grudge against her mother.[1]
Higher Grounds Entire serie The show is regarded as promotion for the industry. Among the advisers were the founder of Diamond Ranch Academy [2]
The Sopranos Season - 6 Episode 11 A very realistic use of a Youth transport firm is seen as the troubled son of Vito Jr is sent to an unnamed wilderness therapy program [3]


Movie Description
Boot Camp A fictitious version of Paradise Cove which was located in Samoa instead of Fiji. While a program is operating in Fiji today, it has not been proven that this program looks like the one in the movie.
Over the GW Movie based of the stories of survivors from KIDS of North Jersey / Kids of Bergen County
Self-medicated Movie based on a story from Brightway Adolescent Hospital


Show Description
Brat Camp Show there so-called troubled teenagers from United Kingdom and Germany are sent to different programs in the United States. The German version used german speeking staff hired for the show and special made-for-TV versions of the programs. A special Dutch version were made where the teenager were sent to Kenya.
The Worlds strictest parents A show where teenagers are sent to a host family. Unlike host-family based programs like Pathway Family Center, the teenagers can leave

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