Benchmark Young Adult School

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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 55
Checked January 1, 2011
Open.gif Opened 1993

Benchmark Transitions also known as Benchmark Young Adult School is located in Redlands, California [1]

The program last at least 6 months, 12 months are given as the average stay [2].

The targetgroup is young adults aged between 18 and 28 [2]

According to various sources the program is using methods from Synanon [3]

Program structure

They use a level system. The levels are:

Phase Name Level Description
Bronze Phase Level I & Level II - Preparation Phase It is stated to last 6 months
Silver Phase Practical Application Phase – Independent Living on Property It is stated to last 3 months
Gold Phase Long Term Extended Care Phase It is stated to last 3 months
Graduate Program Long Term Extended Care Phase No length is specified


In 2008 the facility lost when they sued a former student [4]

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