Bentes Miniskole (Denmark)

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Bentes Miniskole is a charter school located on Skovvej 1, DK-4840 Nr. Alslev, Denmark

They offer schooling using a curriculum approved by the Department of Education in Denmark [1].

It is a day school for both genders.

In the news

This facility are under investigation of using corporal punishment

In December 2007 a parent filed a police report due to claims of corporal punishment being used against a boy. During an investigation done by a newpaper, they discovered old court records that showed that the same teacher had been convicted of a sexual relationship with the 13 year old sister of his wife at that time. For this crime he had been sentenced to 3 months in prison. He later married the girl [2] [3]

Despite this conviction he was able to take the job as a teacher. It remains unclear whether the fact that his parents is in the management of the school, but this situation looks like a similar problem at Sorensen Ranch School.


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