Bergens Guttehjem

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Current status Closed
Checked February 12, 2012
Open.gif Opened 1878
Close.gif Closed 1973

Bergens Guttehjem (The boys home in Bergen) was a group home placed at Garnes near the town of Bergen in Norway. The operation was closed down in 1973 [1]. The original facility burned down in 1983 [2]. The fire which was started in the office of the principal was not fully investigated.

A report covering parts of years in operation was released in 2006 [3]

This facility used
corporal punishment

At least 3 children has died during the operation of this particular group home. One of boys died due to complications from being birched with a rod which have been lying in salt [4].

In the news

In 2012 it was revealed that vitale documents concerning the children had been removed by the local authorities. Problems had been reported as early as from 1956. An investigation is ongoing. [5]

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