Beulah Mountain Christian Academy

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Current status Closed
Detainees.gif Capacity 62
Checked November 26, 2011
Open.gif Opened ?
Close.gif Closed Around 2002

Beulah Mountain Christian Academy was a behavior modification facility located on 2995 Beulah Heights Road, Whitley City, Kentucky

They were able to detain 62 teenagers.

Program structure

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In the news

This facility used
corporal punishment

Some staff at the facility was on child for child abuse but they were aquitted [1].

At their trial this week, Jeff Shaw acknowledged using paddling and light kicks to correct behavior among the troubled students at the academy. But there was no intent to harm kids and the punishment was never harsh enough to be cruel, which is what the law prohibits, the defense argued.

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  1. Two Officials At Private McCreary County School Are Acquitted - Educators not guilty of abuse, By Bill Estep, Lexington Herald-Leader, Kentucky, 19 October 2002 (Reprint from World Corporal Punishment Research)