Bindernæs efterskole

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Bindernæs Efterskole is a continuation school in Denmark. It is located in the village of Roedby [1].

The school did open in 1979 [2].

Program structure

The school has based on the heritage of continuation schools being used a juvenile detentions in the past a strict alcohol policy which not only prohibit alcohol consumption on the campus but also on the travel to and from the facility. Unlike normal teenagers which can buy alcohol when they are 16 years of age, they cannot party normally. Old traditions like celebration of the last day of school which is celebrated with alcohol in the public school system is not possible at this school. [3]


Starting from the school year 2009-10 the school introduced a ban on smoking. However the ban is extended into the private life of the student because it is stated that the ban function not only on the campus as it is normal in Danish schools and firms but "24 hours, 7 days per week". Because only 10 weekends is mandatory on the campus, it means that they want to restrict freedom of the teenagers in their private homes [3].

The law regarding smoking was altered so teenagers under 18 cannot buy tobacco. It is normal for parents of teenagers on continuation schools and public schools to buy tobacco to their teenagers [3].

Drug/alcohol test

The school state that it will test the teenagers for drugs and alcohol like it is done in prisons, if they suspect the teenagers to have used it [3].

Cell phones

Cell phones are allowed in the room of the teenager. If it is used outside the room, it will be confiscated. The law states that a confiscated cell phone shall be returned at the end of the school day but the school state that they will confiscate the phone for a week. Their policy which must be considered to be in violation of the law has not been challenged in court yet [3].


General education on the same level as the publics school are offered. Such facilities have to meet standards by the department of education [4].


A text mentions a trial between the school and a former employee [5]

April 2007 3 teenagers were arrested for armed robbery against a local gas station [6]

May 2007 the school was exposed to vandalism from unknown outsiders [7].

December 2007 two teenagers were arrested by the police while they were in the process of stealing parts from a moped [8]

August 2008 two fires near the school had to be put out by the authorities [9]

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