Blue Hills Academy

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Operationel status
Checked October 1, 2010 [1]

Blue Hills Academy was a behavior modification facility marketed as a therapeutic boarding school. It was located near Humboldt in Arizona [2] [3].

The targetgroup was male teenagers aged between 14 and 18 [2]. The average stay was claimed to be between 14 and 16 months [2].

According to a press release August 24, 2005, they have closed the facility on August 15, 2005 [4]. Last known Executive Director was Sonja C. Fullwood. Records show that she moved to Anthem, Arizona [5]

Program structure

Little is known about the structure and system used at Blue Hills Academy, but it is known that they used a level system with five phases [6] - please use the Talk page to give your input


They used a online curriculum from Phoenix Special Programs, which was self-paced [6]


  • December 2000 an article mentions the concern by neighbors to a second campus [7]
  • In 2001 an article mentioned a music event [8]

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