Blykobbe Efterskole

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Blykobbe Efterskole is a continuation school in Denmark. It is located in a wood north of the town of Roenne on the island Bornholm in Denmark [1]

It was opened as TB sanatorium in 1907. It is not known when it became a continuation school [2]

Program structure

The homepage has no student handbook. Only a few main points are outlined on the homepage. They are:

  • Be positive
  • Clean own room, be active while doing chores in the kitchen and in the dorms. Remain in own room between 22.15 and 6.45.
  • No use of drugs. While alcohol is not mentioned specific it is suspected that alcohol consumption could be refered to as "other drugs".
  • Keep the agreements you makes.

They use a urine sample periodicly to check for drugs [3].

September 2008 it is stated that the students are allowed to smoke tobacco in private [4].


General education on the same level as the publics school are offered. Such facilities have to meet standards by the department of education.


January 2005 a couple of girls from the school got involved in a street fight with local girls [5].

May 8 2007 a robbery took place against a shop in the neighborhood. It was committed by a 14 old and a 15 year old student from the school. While the 14 year old was too young to appear before a court the 15 year old received a 8 months sentence [6].

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