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Brat Camp is a TV show about a group of teenagers suffering from various problems who are sent away to different behavior modification programs in the United States. Originally a UK show by Twenty Twenty Television shown on Channel 4, different versions have been made by American and German TV-channels.



Series 1

  • The German version is called Teenager außer Kontrolle (engl. Teenagers out of control) . The show is being broadcast on RTL
German Serie 1: Turn-about Ranch - Residential treatment center
Name Published problem[1].
Vanessa Alcohol issue, too much partying
Simon Drug issue, stealing from parent
Marvin Gang problem, alcohol issue
Gina Alcohol issue, alternative lifestyle issue (Punk subculture)
Gerrit Numerous accounts of malicious damage
Daniel Truant, not been at school for a year.
  • Aspen Education Group revealed in a job ad that children from Holland would also be in a show.[2]

Series 2

German Serie 2: Catherine Freer Wilderness Program
Name Published problem[3].
Andreas E. (15 years old) Serial buglar
David P. (17 years old) Drug issue
Dzeneta B. (15 years old) street fighter
Kevin O. (15 years old) Gang-member
Kurt Z. (16 years old) Political issue (Neo-nazi)
Pascal S. (17 years old) Drug dealer
Stacy G. (17 years old) High School drop-out
Vivien T. (16 years old) Runaway

It will be broadcast at RTL.

Series 3

The production company are searching for new candidates for a third season [4]. Filming did take place during the summer of 2008. It will be broadcast at RTL.

United Kingdom

There have been four UK series. WARNING: Information below contains spoilers.

Series 1

UK Series 1: Red Cliffs Ascent Wilderness Program - Wilderness therapy
Name Published problem
James Fonfé Drug issues Succesfully programmed (but the police don't like his car)
Fran Bradley Anger issue Succesfully programmed
Rachel Greenberg Alcohol issue Succesfully programmed
Charlie Mason Anger issue Was street fighting within some months
Tom Philips Drug issue Holiday period lasted only a few weeks.
Dan Leary Drug issue Succesfully programmed

Redcliff was asked to be part in a second round of Brat Camp, but declined because the presence of camera made it impossible for the staff to act as "normal".[5]

Series 2

UK Series 2: Turn-about Ranch - Residential treatment center
Name Published problem
Alex Parkins Alcohol issue
Joe Sheldrick Disobedience
Ed McAllister Drug issue, stealing from family caused by deaths in family
Jemma Henley Disobedience, shop lifter, expelled from 3 schools
Xanthe Laird Cannabis use, alcohol issue
Jenni Greevy Anger issue, domestic violence
Josh Melvin Drug issue

Series 3

UK Series 3: Aspen Achievement Academy - Wilderness therapy
Name Published problem
Julia Krzyzanowska Drug issues
Georgie Turnbull-Atkinson Drug issues as well as run-ins with the law
Lydia Rowlands Drug issue as result of being victim for bullying
Lucy Tyson Anger issue
Danni Calardo-Thompson Running away from home, alcohol and drug-issue
Poppy Olsen Disobedience, acting spoilt, careless
Rosie Raven Truant, depressed as result of being victim of bullying

The third series followed a girls-only group with the principal activity being a single extended hike. This series aired from 8 February 2006 on Channel 4. In addition, Brat Camp Unseen, a half-hour show with additional footage, was aired on E4.

Series 4

The fourth series, Family Brat Camp, aired from 4 October 2006, and brings along the parents of the four children to make them take responsibility for their kids' behaviour at the SUWS wilderness program in Idaho.

UK Series 4: Aspen Family Camp, Idaho - Wilderness therapy
Name Published problem
Claire Sparrow, parents Dean and Sandy Expelled from school
Amanda Kenny, parents Sandra and Bill drinking, stealing from parents
Rebecca Paramor, parents Mandi and Mark Drug issue
Ben Tait, parents Jennifer and Matthew Anger Issue, Drug Abuse, Drinking, Expelled from school, Stealing

In 2007 happy slappings of Ben Tait began to appear in larger numbers on Youtube [6]. The boy disappeared and at a point the police searched for him [7] He was later found safe [8]

Series 5

The fifth UK version aired October 2007. According to a statement on Anasazi's homepage[9], a special 21-day version of their normal 42-day program is being developed for television, after which Twenty Twenty Television will fund the remainder of the treatment if the parents and clinical staff consider it necessary.

UK Series 5: Anasazi Wilderness Program, Arizona - Wilderness therapy
Name Published problem
Natasha Whitlock, mother Montana domestic problems caused by overindulgence [10]
Nicole Pear, mother Jackie foul-mouthing, anger management
Chloe Weeks, mother Helen drug and anger-issue
Laura Wardman, mother Del disobedience


The Netherlands version did after extended negotiations end up with a customized program, where the teenagers were sent to Kenya. It is called Van Etter tot Engel [11].

Netherlands - Customized wilderness program in Kenya
Name Published problem[12].
Alexander (15 years old) depressed
Demi (15 years old) Anger Issue
Donny (15 years old) Anger Issue
Dormeshia (15 years old) Anger Issue
Laurens (17 years old) permanent student, depressed
Maurice (17 years old) Alcohol issue, Internet Addiction Disorder
Runy (17 years old) Drug issue, has been arrested by the police

United States

US Series: Sagewalk, Oregon - Wilderness therapy
Name Age Published problem
Frank 16 Anger issue
Lauren James 17 Drug issue as result of death in the family
Isaiah Alarcon 17 Anger issue
Jada Chabot 15 Disobedience and dishonesty as result of domestic violence (Beaten by her mother according to police report from Middletown, RI - Case number 21-2005-01720). During the show use drugs, alcohol and sex were insinuate. She had also been expelled from schools.
Nick 14 Anger issue as result of being teased because of his handicap (dyslexia) and turned violent.
Shawn 17 Started using cannabis after finding out that he was adopted. He then started stealing money from his mother.
Derek 14 ADHD and destructive; refuses to take medication
Lexie 17 Depressed, hostile outcast as result of being victim of molestation at the age of 12.
Heather 17 Drug issue as a result of adoption and wanting to be closer to her birth mother. Her birth mother had drug issues too.

Information on the ABC Family version is unknown.

In the news

The UK version of the show generated some criticism. An influential children's charity Barnardo's are concerned that the TV show sends a message to parents that a short period of tough love can resolve any problems.[13]


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