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Bridges Boys Academy is a behavior modification facility located on Gist Road near Bend Oregon [1].

The facility is for boys only aged 14 to 17.

The length of the program are about 14 months.

The program was founded in 1997 and they can detain 30 boys [2].

Program structure

They use a level system. The number of levels are not stated.


The facility discourage visits from the family during the first 2 to 3 months until the detained boy has accepted his banishment and have reached the second level in the program. Then visits are allowed every 2 month. The first two ones are seminars where the family have to work on bury the effects of the fact that the boy was banished from his own home and detained at the facility.

Home visits are allowed when the boy reachs the forth level.

There is no info about how critical letters from the boy are handled. There are no info about phone policies.


Punishments can be work assignments. Runaways can be ordered to participate in a wilderness course before being allowed to return to the facility.


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