Brightway Adolescent Hospital

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Current status Closed
Checked April 1, 2012
Close.gif Closed 1998

Brightway Adolescent Hospital is a now-closed hospital in St. George for adolescents [1]. It was closed in March 1998 [2].

Ken Kay, President of WWASPS, was the director of Brightway at the time.

His son, Jay Kay - now director at Tranquility Bay - worked as a security guard at the facility.

Recently it was featured in the movie "Self-medicated" [3]

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  1. The facility on Google Maps. The campus is now known as Eagle Ranch Academy
  2. Utah Adolescent Hospital Shut, Case of troubled Oakland youth triggered scrutiny , by Henry K. Lee, Salt Lake Tribune, March 19 - 1998
  3. Self-medicated on IMDB