Broken Shackle Ranch

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Current status Open
Checked June 13, 2013
Open.gif Opened 1984

Broken Shackle Ranch is a behavior modification facility located on 1542 Francie Bridge rd, Davisboro, Georgia [1]

It is a male only facility for the age-group betwwen 16 and 19.

It was founded in 1984 by Gary & Kathy Cobb.

The teenagers are referred from either:

  • The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice
  • The Department of Family and Children Services
  • Their legal guardians.

Program structure

When admitted to the facility the teenagers are presented with a list of rules they have to obey. If they break them they will end up on restriction, which the facility compare with being grounded.

They use an unformal level system where teenager with longer stay at the facility correct the new ones.


They provide education, so the youth can obtain a GED.


They also run a independed living program called Omega House, which is located in Augusta.

In the news

The facility was involved in a lawsuit based on a death of a 15 year old boy (Bryan Jones), who was electrocuted at the ranch due to faulty wiring [2].

External Links


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