Bromley Brook School

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Bromley Brook School is located on 2595 Depot Street, Manchester Center, Vermont 05255 [1]. The facility takes girls only between 12 and 17 years of age. The adolescents are detained there for an average of 12 months.

It was opened in 2004 and has rooms for 75 detainees [2].

It is owned by Aspen Education Group.

Program structure

Living conditions

The girls live in a bedroom with up to three other students and they have to share a bathroom.


The facility states on their homepage:

Bromley Brook School is a Recognized Independent School in the Department of Education in the State of Vermont. As such, our curriculum is approved by the State, facilitating appropriate credit transfer to other schools across the country. Our High School Diplomas are recognized by the State of Vermont.

Parents should however be aware that other states seems to have a higher standard regarding the level of education as the treads on fornits and Cafety informs of problems about using the school papers in their home state.


The family can communicate with their daughter by weekly phonecalls, letters or email. It is not clear whether these are monitored like it is standard by most AEG programs. The daughter is restricted from communicating with other than members of her old household until she has progressed far enough in the program.

The family can visit their daughter one time per months and during some activities. The daughter can also go on home visits 4 times per year, if she has progressed far enough in the program.


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