Bryce Canyon Academy

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Current status Closed [1]
Detainees.gif Capacity 48
Checked June 22, 2013
Open.gif Opened 2009
Close.gif Closed 2012?

Bryce Canyon Academy was a behavior modification facility marketed as a residential treatment center. It was located in Parowan, Utah [2]. The campus used to house Cedar Breaks Academy, which current status is unknown.

The target group was youth of both genders aged between 12 and 17 [3].

According to the admission papers the shortest period the parents could pay for is 6 months [4]. The capacity of the facility was 48 [3]. Founders of this program was previous running a facility named Lost and Found Academy in Milford, Utah.

Program structure

The program was based on the concept of positive peer to peer interaction.


The admissions papers spoke of a weekly telephone call of two phone calls of 15 minutes a week on the weekends. Also provided was two stamps for letters per months [4]

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