CEDU High School

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Current status Closed
Detainees.gif Capacity ?
Checked October 18, 2010
Open.gif Opened 1968 ?
Close.gif Closed 2005

CEDU high school was located in Running Springs, California [1].

The founder was Mel Wasserman as the first facility in the CEDU company.

It opened in 1967 and closed in 2005 [2].

From around 1991 the facility also contained a middle school for a younger targetgroup.

The also had a program called Hill Top for youth aged over 18.

Program structure

Typical daily schedule

- around 1990

Day of week

4 hours work crew
4 hours work crew
4 hours work crew
4 hours work crew
4 hours work crew
Cleaning for 2 to 4 hours

4 hours of rap
4 hours work crew
4 hours of rap
4 hours work crew
4 hours of rap
Free personal time


Paris Hilton was detained at the facility for a short period after a long term at Provo Canyon School [3].

In the news

In 2004 a girl claimed that she was raped on various locations on the campus without the school interfering with it - proberly because all complaints in programs are considered manipulation in order to leave the program. The sheriff launced an investigation [4]

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