Cedar Breaks Academy

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Checked October 1, 2010 [1]

Cedar Breaks Academy was a correctional boarding school marketed as a therapeutic boarding school in Parowan, Utah [2]

The target group was female teenagers aged 12 to 17 [3]. They were able to house pregnant teenagers until the third trimester [3].

The length of the program was 9 to 12 months [3].

It is unclear what did happen with the school. The campus now house the Bryce Canyon Academy.

Program structure


The amount of communication was determinded by the level system they used at the facility. Communication was done through e-mails, scheduled phone calls, letter writing and communication with the case manager and/or therapist [3].


The classes were small consisting of about 8 teenagers. They claimed that the facility was accredited through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools [3].

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