Cedar Bridge Military Academy

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Current status Closed
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Checked April 16, 2011
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Cedar Bridge Military Academy was a military based summer boot camp. It rented camp places where it held a summer boot camp.

The target group was youth aged between 11 and 17.

Program structure

The youth attending this program met one night every week and one weekend throughout the year.

The also held a summer camp lasting between 2 and 5 weeks. The last years it was located in Pennsylvania [1]

According to the now defunct webpage the daily schedule at the summer camp was:

Time Activity Time Activity
0550 reveille 1615-1700 physical training
0600-0730 physical training 1730-1830 evening formation & dinner
0730-0800 personal hygiene 1845-1930 personal hygiene
0800-0900 morning formation & breakfast 1930-2100 letter writing & bible study
0900-1000 barracks arrangement 1930-2100 canteen privileges
1015-1215 academic instruction 2100 lights out
1215-1300 noon formation & lunch
1300-1600 military instruction


The president of the program - Steven T. Baryla - was arrested of transportation of child pornography over the Internet. Following the arrest the camp management dissolved the program [2]. The president did later plead guilty to the charges [3]

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