Cedars Academy

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Cedars Academy is placed on the Rifle Range Road just outside Bridgeville, Delaware [1]. It is for adolescents aged between 11 and 18 and they are detained there for an average of 2 to 4 years.

It has room for 40 detainees.

It is owned by Aspen Education Group.

Program structure

Living conditions

Each of the detained teenagers live in a room with 3 other teenagers of the same gender. There are six bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. They eat in a dining room in the building. Each building also have a classroom where they can participate in the education offered by the facility.


The teenagers can go home during school-breaks and they can speak with their parents by phone. It is unclear whether the time, length and number of phonecalls is used in the behavior modification process.


On a page the following statement is made by "Angel" [2].

the headmistress (Mary Pauer)waved a knife in my face and tried to supress my left wing ideaology. The staff stood by and let my 18 year old room mate beat me up each day for my political views. (keep in mind I was like 13 and small for my age, an easy target for a coward like him and his accomplices amoungst the staff.) I am 18 now and this horible school is still up and running.

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