Center for Safe Youth

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Center for Safe Youth is a Teenage transport company, which are located on 166 Spruce Valley Road, Athens, Georgia 30605.


The website claims that the staff are trained in CPR/First Aid. The website also claims that staff have been background checked.

The have both male and female staff.

They do not recommend an intervention before hiring the company to transport the teen [1].


Type Info to be found on the website
Halfway houses No information avialable
Parent handbook Only a FAQ page
Insurance The website claim that they have insurance, which cover this type of activity. Parents should check whether it covers all the states, the teenager has to be transported through and also if the insurance cover transport out of the United States, if the facility is located there.

Methods used

Tools Used on clients
[[Handcuffs No information avialable
Legirons No information avialable
Transport hood No information avialable
Other restraints No information avialable
Pebberspray No information avialable
Baton electrical / non-electrical No information avialable
Tazer No information avialable


  1. Should I tell my child in advance, Homepage of the firm

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