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Darrington Academy is placed on 1580 Appalachian Hwy, Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513. It is the former Fannin Inn Motel.

International Survivor Action Committee has investigated this facility very meticulous and it seems that the official marketing material has been through a process of photomontage because the grassy areas does not exist [1]. Also the satellite image on the right does not display these areas [2].

During 2006 there were rumors about illegal workers present on the facility. Darrington did open 2004. It was the same year that Casa by the Sea was closed by the Mexican authorities due to suspicion of child abuse, so it could have been conceivable that some of the workers had transferred themselves to Darrington [3].

Program structure

They use the normal WWASP behavior modification program with six levels.


According to a thread two detainees escaped the facility on August 13 2008 [4]

Sometime adjusting to life after leaving the facility can be hard [5].

On March 2 2009 it was announced that the academy was closing [6][7][8]. At the time of the closure there was an on-going investigation, which started with a raid by the authorities in February 2009. May 2009 it became public that a staffmember was charged with aggravated battery and simple battery. [9].

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