Den matrikelløse døgninstitution

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Current status Open
Checked February 14, 2012
Open.gif Opened 1993

Den matrikelløse døgninstitution (rougly translated as The residential institution without cadastral) is an public owned organization running a number of group homes on Zealand in Denmark.

The town council of Naestved in Denmark is running the organization.

It was founded in 1993 as an alternative to existing youth facilities.

Group homes

  • Løjetvej.
  • Kukkerhuset, Naestved
  • Faxe Havnevej 8, Faxe
  • Greve
  • The group home "Prøvegaarden" near the town of Fakse is presented as a detox facility.

In the news

November 2008 a former employee was first fired due to his criticism of the management. When he sued the facility, he was offered the job as a manager for one of the teams. He declined and received a settelement of DKK 400,000 [1]

A girl who had a previous conviction for bomb treaths demanded during a pretrial hearing that she should be taken to the facility. Her wish was granted by the judge after the she had robbed a man with a gun [2]

June 2010 a 16 year old boy detained at the facility was left unsupervised and it ended up in an assault on a young man [3]. He was convicted to be placed at a more secure facility [4]

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