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Diamond Ranch Academy is a behavior modification facility marketed as a boarding school.

It was started about year 2000 and operated in Idaho before moving to Utah. The founders were Rob and Sherri Dias.

Program Structure


The facility allows the use of escort firms. They can provide a list of firms if the parents do not want to discuss the banishment with their child and order a pickup instead.

Level structure

They use a level system with 5 regular levels.

The regular levels are named: Student, Supervisor, Manager, Director and Graduate.

Beside theses they also have a level called Homeless. It is used for teenagers, which arrive at the facility and have to be forced into acceptance of the fact that they are abandoned by their family and detained at the facility for a unknown time.

If one of the detained teenagers break one of the many rules by the facility such as destruction of ranch property, being more than 15 feet from staff, stealing food, talking to the other gender or swearing, they can end up on the level called unemployment. Being unemployed means being forced to drag or pull a cart around the property from 5am in the morning to 10pm in the evening. Lunch etc. have be dealt with outside.

Living conditions

The detained teenagers are living small dorms - more exactly small houses sized about 500 sqft. Each house contains 1 staff and up to 8 teenagers. They are always gender separated. As for sanitation there are 2 bathrooms with 2 sinks. A photo on the homepage shows 4 beds in a single room.


The detained teenager can speak with his or her parents every second week as a part of family therapy session over the phone. Parents can on weeks, when there is no family therapy speak with a staff member instead.

The detained teenagers can email and write letters to the parents.

After 10 weeks the parents are allowed to visit their child. When the child reaches a director level, he or she can go on a home visit. A second home visit can be done on graduate level.


Beside being placed on the level called unemployment, the detained teenagers are also being forced to digg holes. Restraints "PCS" are used at the facility. They can be ordered to cite certain religious material. It is not clear whether the staff respect that a teenager can have a certain religious belief regarding that punishment.


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