Discovery Ranch

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Discovery Ranch is a behavior modification facility located on 1308 South 1600 West, Mapleton, Utah 84664 [1]

It was founded in 2005 [2]

They can detain 42 teenagers aged 13 to 17 [2].

The program last between 8 - 10 months [2]

Program Structure


The These requirements are established by the Utah State Board of Education and administered by their sister program, Discovery Academy. It is accredited by an organization called the National Association of Accredited Schools. Families should check whether these credits can be transferred back home or the time spent on education will be wasted.


They are listed among those program which use the so-called Positive Control Systems [3]

In the news

They are mentioned in relationship with the etablishment of a new generations of Borstals in United Kingdom [4]

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