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OK, so you guys want some fact about "circle of hope"?? I went there... for 62 days.... managed to get a code out to my mom in one of my letters about what was really going on behind closed doors. (you cant talk to your parents for 30 days, then when you finally can it is a few letters a week that are ripped up if Boyd or Steph don't like them and a 15 minute phone call on Sundays that was on speaker phone once again if they didn't like it it was ended. It seemed that every girl messed up before her visit or time to go home... so then they weren't allowed to go... what does that tell you? Oh all of their children moved as far away as possible... Amanda, Nate, colleen, and the oldest boy I don't know. They didn't even want to be there..) I know Chanel I talk to her everyday, I was at the so called "boarding school" with her and even slept in the same room as her. Ya her parents were divorced and ya we had behavioral problems, but that doesn't mean they had the right do to what they did to us. we all tried to run away; not because we're bad but because we were scared. My mom thinks we should sue, but once again we are scared. Only a few of us have made it out. DO NOT SEND ANY OF YOUR DAUGHTERS, NIECES, GRANDDAUGHTERS OR EVEN YOUR NEIGHBORS KID THERE! I'm not saying any of this out of despite of being a "rebellious teen", I am 19 now i have a job, I go to a University with honors and have never been in trouble with the law. I was sent there because I fought with my mom like a normal teen, when she sought out help for our relationship she was told to ship me there. Please whatever you do just don't allow anymore girls to go there. They don't need to go through that. I am very glad for the Mares/rest of the family that she was found, she was one of the few I could ever trust. So please if you want to talk bad about them just do something about it, complaining on a forum does nothing for those poor girls that I can't help...

ok i understand where you are coming from... no i cant live back in england i will just go down hill from theree i woz totally messed up there.... that boarding school didnt help me at all with my studies cuz i neva did school cuz i woz in charge of alllot of stuff so my education is messed up. the only reason my dad wrote gd stuff about tht place cuz if i sed i didnt like tht i would b a black shirt and a black shirt gets treated like crap a piece of shit.... girls like to get other girls into trouble so theytwist a story.... i got restrained cuz i refused to do pushups and lost feeling in my fingers for 3 weeks i got to tell u that place has left scars in my life and i jst wanted to leave tht place... they expected too much for me and i told them i wasnt ready but they still did it and if i had a problem and wanted to talk to them to grow up they told me to grow up.... i felt like i couldnt say anything tht woz in my heart <3 i no i have an addiction to drugs and i do them so i can forget about my past.... i think at nite how did i get here i used to have a good life... now i dont have a relationship wiv my mum and my brother (15) hates my guts i have ruined everything i just want to feel safe and atm the moment i have a boyfriend and yeh i feel safe round him he loks out for me and he aint like any of the other boys i have dated cuz i woz a drug dealer one time a go and they just dated me for the drugs but this guy aint like tht he makes sure i am safe..... i like tht i have never felt so safe... have you ever lived on the streets ... it is a scarey place for a girl.... i run from my problems and i hate it but i always have done it..... i remember i had a fight wiv my mum one day and she left to go to the pub and i ran and i woz gone for a week i am soz i am telling u this but i had o get it off my chest.... i woz a bad person b4 cuz of drugs and i hated the stuff i used to do but now i am not getting into the hardcore drugs i dont want to.... thank u so much for emailing me bk i apprieciate it i am glad i can tlk to some one i hope to tlk to you soon