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MEADOWLARK ACADECY IS A LIE... THE GIRLS GET LITTLE TO NO HELP DEALING WITH ISSUES AND ADDICTIONS. Parents are lied to. Phone calls and mail are always censored. Kevin Richie is only worried about making a dollar. The facility is a JOKE! First hand knowledge, take my word for it. ----Preceding unsigned comment added by

None of what is posted on this site is true at all! you adults are sooooo stupid!!!! THIS SCHOOL SAVED MY LIFE AND MY BEST FRIENDS LIFE TOO WHY DO YOU WRITE SUCH HATEFUL THINGS ABOUT A WONDERFUL SCHOOL THAT YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN VISITED! I GUESS IT DOEST MATTER TO YOU THAT THE STAFF OF MLA ARE AMAZING, AND THAT IF IT WHERE NOT FOR THEM MY BFF AND I WOULD BOTH BE DEAD. You losers gEt angry and are impotent to actually save your families, so you unleash your fat bottomed bile onto the internet. Some people are getting help and you are just jealous. MLA RULES FOREVER ----Preceding unsigned comment added by