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This "prison" has saved my daughters life, so you can kiss my ass. I am pretty sure you have no idea. There are Mexican authorities, as in Federal Police officers, that are inside guarding the school, 24 hours a day. These kids that are there are not normal, my own experience was one of trying everything, and she still almost died due to drug use, and would have. So get a grip you bunch of assholes. People like you are the reason these schools even have to exist now, so cram it as far as you can. (Previous comment was made by

You are both right and wrong. The isolation purchased her time and she cured her drug addiction. None can change what they don't acknowledge, so it was not the program which did the job. It was your daughter who cured herself. You could have sent her to stay with an family in Finland for a small fraction of the price you had paid and the result would have been the same. Our government has made tons of research which shows that girls mature and stop to act out when they are aged 18 to 20 and boy some 5 years later.
But the program has given her something beside time. There is a huge risk that she will suffer the effect of the post traumatic stress disorder caused by her stay in the program. The signs will according to the experiences of other wwasp survivors show within 6-24 month from the graduation. If you care for your daughter you will prepare therapy for her when it happens.
As for us as Danes to be judgmental, we are aware of our strength. That how we contributed in the war against terrorism when we won the cartoon war and lowered the morale of terrorists worldwide.
Rotsne 19:34, 17 March 2009 (UTC)