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Under investigation

Name Age Facility Information
Charles Ramsey Wilkerson Obituary - ? Elan School no public cause, but battled an addiction.
H. Phillip Wharton ? The Family Foundation School Passionate about skiing, mountain biking and golf - car "accident".
Mr. Nicholas Bryan Ammons 24 Hidden Lake Academy unknown cause
Ryan Marcellus Petefish 19 Midwest Academy No info yet. Obituary
Aaron Meyer 18 Mount Bachelor Academy Hit a wall too far from the road so it could be without purpose. Waiting for technical ruling of the "accident"
Hmm... How can you hit this wall by accident, a thread on Fornits webforum
Jacob S. Zweig 17 Academy at Swift River "got killed" - no further info Dedicated to Jacob Zweig, facebook group
Adora Grae Stout 17 Buffalo Mountain Camp
(run by Omni Visions Inc.)
Was restrained when trying to walk away and died during this process
Adora Grae Stout, a thread on Fornits webforum
TN Dept. of childrens services Death Camp Watch
Melissa Rose Avrin 19 Discovery Academy Died from the very illness that the facility should have treated
Melissa Rose Avrin, obituary
Andrew Clark Corbett 21 Discovery Academy Accident ??
Erin Harkness ? Discovery Ranch Sad News, facebook thread
Brady Scott Booth 21 SUWS and Valley View School Obituary
Samuel Namy Lawton 23 Academy at Swift River Obituary
Joe Burns 19 Carlbrook and unknown wilderness program Obituary - Suicide ? Son remembered as outdoorsman, Kentucky New Era
Jameson Norris 24 Academy at Swift River Car accident - Canton Police ID Man Killed In Dec. 20 Crash, By DAVID OWENS, Courant News, December 28, 2010
Tyler Jacob Warne 18 Midwest Academy Car accident - no other parties involved Tyler J. Warne, 18, coka cola love blog
Cameron William Burke 30 Academy at Swift River Unknown cause Obituary

The entries about will end up below or on the victim list when further investigation has been conducted.

Not due to their status as former detainee

Name Age Facility Information
Michael Lee Hobb 16 Midwest Academy Mysterious downing but properly not a disguised suicide Obituary
Renee Marie Goggin 21 Academy at Swift River boat accident properly not a disguised suicide. Obituary
Vanessa Goodell 19 Mount Bachelor Academy car accident as passenger, Newspaper article
Aubrey Heath 17 Meadowlark Academy Car accident with friends, Newspaper article
Jessica Laren Harris 19 Aspiro Wilderness Program
West Ridge Academy
Unknown illness
MEMORIES & CANDLES, tributes.com
Jessica Laren Harris- My Beautiful Best Friend, blog by STEFANIE JINELLE
Scott Michael Dilendick 23 Redcliff Ascent Wilderness Program (RCA) Motorcycle accident unrelated to his detention in the program [1]