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Eagle Ranch Academy is a behavior modification facility located on the former campus of Brightway Adolescent Hospital[1]. It is founded by two coaches - one of them is Dave Arslanian.

The program last between 6 and 10 months.

A total of 48 youth can be detained in the program.

Program structure

The program is privilege based. It means that in order to participate in an activity they have to confess to certain so-called sinns in their past. Otherwise they are only allowed to be present at a certain activity - not participate.

Living conditions

The child is assigned to a family unit. This family consists of 12-16 teenagers. Each family has at least three staff members with them at all times. They were assigned to a cottage in which they live. Each cottage has its own living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Your child has two other roommates [2].


Parents are allowed to send postcards immediately. Postcards from the child to the parents will be allowed as soon as the child completes the Self Discovery packet, which according to the program usually takes 3-5 weeks. As communication is monitored letters should be not sent in sealed envelopes. Once the child earns the privilege, weekly social phone calls will be scheduled. The program claim that parents can expect to receive the first phone call from your their once they have competed their Self Discovery packet. It is claimed to be usually within 4-6 weeks of their enrollment at ERA. After that, the parents will have a weekly scheduled phone call. This call is monitored by the therapist or by a staffmember and will be up to 10 minutes in length [2].

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