Egely (Noerre Aaby, Denmark)

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Egely is one of three super-lockdowns in Denmark. It is placed near the town on Noerre Aaby on the Island of Fyn [1].

The new super-lockdown was build after 2002 when it was autorized by the now defunct Fyns Amt [2]

Program structure

Upon placement treatment in 4 levels are conducted. Certain timelimits in the law guarantees that the youth has to be tranferred to less stricter facilities once the treatment goals have been met [3].

In the news

An escape by three inmates took place in 2004 shortly after the facility was finished. The police was surprised of the nature of the escape [2]

A staff member was convicted of assult in November 2006 [4]. In 2009 it was revealed that several of the staff members have criminal records, which would have prevented them from working at such a facility if the detainees had been adults [5].

December 2006 a 17 year old girl managed to commit suicide even though that the facility is a supermax facility with 24/7 monitoring. An overhaul of the security was conducted [6].

April 2010 two boys escaped. They were found in Copenhagen [7]

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