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Elan School is a behavior modification facility with a postal address of Elan School, 1457 Maine Street, Poland, Maine 04274-0578

It was established in 1970 and it is owned by Sharron Terry.

It is a Co-educational program. According to their website, they can detain 160 teenagers.

The length of the program is between 24 and 30 Months

2. Program structure

  • 2.1 Level system enforced by Job Hierarchy and "strength"/severe peer presure to conform to group/ Brainwashing / Cult
  • 2.2 Living conditions-Clean-By members of the cleaning crew who clean constantly oh and the Shotdowns!
  • 2.3 No communication with parents, Letters are earned and screened anything negative is punished and does not go out. Parents are told not to believe anything bad that their child may say that they are trying to manipulate their way out of the Program. Do not believe abuse reports ect.
  • 2.4 Education. Accreditation or diploma mill - which mill.
  • 2.5 Consequences

3. In the news

The facility were mentioned in relationship with a murder trial [2]

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