Elk Mountain Academy

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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 25
Checked December 27, 2010
Open.gif Opened 1994

Elk Mountain Academy is a behavior modification facility located near Clark Fork, Idaho [1].

The program was founded in 1994 and they are able to detain 25 boys aged 13 to 18 for about 12 months [2].

The founder of the program is a former addict [3].

Program structure

They use a level system and also make use of the critizised 12-step system.

The their book they state the conditions for release are:

  • 1) Acceptance of the banishment.
  • 2) Work the program
  • 3) Surrender to the 12-step program
  • 4) Attend 3 meetings at AA or NA.
  • 5) Read the Big Book of AA
  • 6) Achieve Trustee Status
  • 7) Have several family visits
  • 8) Have completed at least two home visits.

When the teenager about to be released, he has to sign a home contract which outlines the conditions he is going to live by in order to be allowed into his own childhome.


Lately Mike Linderman - for employee of Spring Creek Lodge and one of the persons behind the Whispering Pines Academy project - does also work for them [4]

In the news

In 2007 Ladenburger - former priest - were arrest on a charge of molestation of two boys at the facility [5][6]

March 2008 he was given an up to five years prison sentence [7]

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