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||Low Self Esteem||Reactive Attachment Disorder||||
||Low Self Esteem||Reactive Attachment Disorder||||
== Program Structure ==
== Program Structure ==

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Elk River Wilderness Challenge / The Pinnacle Schools is a behavior modification program using the concept of wilderness therapy [1].

They claim to be able to treat teenagers for the following issues:

ADD or ADHD Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Bipolar Disorder or Diagnosis Depression
Dual Diagnosis Adoption/Divorce/Family Issues Drug/Alcohol Use and Abuse Online Gaming Addiction
Obesity Asperger's Syndrome/Diagnosis or Trait Anger Poor Peer Relationships
Defiance Truancy/Poor School Performance Learning Differences Impulsive Behavior
Low Self Esteem Reactive Attachment Disorder

Program Structure

They offer different kinds of programs:

  • Elk River Treatment Program, wilderness program
  • Elk River Academy, outdoor boarding school
  • Elk River Healthy Lifestyles, weightloss program

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