Escuela Caribe

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U.S. Department of State - warning against such facilities abroad

Escuela Caribe is a behavior modification facility located in the Dominican Republic [1]

It is a part of New Horizon Youth Ministeries in Marion, Indiana.

It was founded in 1971.

Program structure

The program has six levels. (0-5) The first two are called orientation.


This facility use corporal punishment

The staff can use whether a "unit" (12 units is given for running away) will result in corporal punishment with a belt or chores. Hair cuts done by the staff is also used as punishment [2]

Bad health (Diarrhoea) will have the consequence that the detainee has to use a bucket when it is needed and carry it around with him or her, so the staff can be shown the contents.

In the news

The author Julia Scheeres have written a book about her and her brothers stay at the facility. The book is called Jesus Land [3]

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