Escuela Caribe

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U.S. Department of State - warning against such facilities abroad

Escuela Caribe is a behavior modification facility located in the Dominican Republic [1]

It is a part of New Horizon Youth Ministeries in Marion, Indiana.

It was founded in 1971.

Program structure

The program has six levels. (0-5) The first two are called orientation.


This facility use corporal punishment

The staff can use whether a "unit" (12 units is given for running away) will result in corporal punishment with a belt or chores. Hair cuts done by the staff is also used as punishment [2]

Bad health (Diarrhoea) will have the consequence that the detainee has to use a bucket when it is needed and carry it around with him or her, so the staff can be shown the contents.

In the news

The author Julia Scheeres have written a book about her and her brothers stay at the facility. The book is called Jesus Land [3]


  1. The location on Flash Earth. The facility is located south of the town of Jarabacoa in a area called Pinar Quemado. It has not been possible to obtain better images yet.
  2. Rulebook from 1999, see chapter STUDENT DISCIPLINE, units of concern.
  3. Book review of "Jesus Land" by Julia Scheeres

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