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Faderhuset is a Christian movement based in Denmark best known for their involvement in the demolition process of Ungdomshuset (the youth house) in Copenhagen.

The leader of the movement is Ruth Evensen - also chairwoman of the Freedom Party in Denmark.


In the late 1990's they founded a day-school called Samuelskolen (The Samuel school) using a Danish version of the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. It was closed in 2005 by the Danish ministry because the requirements regarding the quality of a curriculum is higher than in most countries [1]

Connections to other extreme movements

Faderhuset has connections to another movement in the town of Goerloerse on Sealand. The ex-son-in-law and his firm "Pure Ministries" are doing marketing work for this other movement [2]

Christian Boot Camp

The TV-channel "Denmark Radio number 1" revealed that the movement runs a re-education boot camp where youth are put through physical exercises in order to be broken down, so they can surrender to God. [3]. As it is common in some movement recomendations of the use of corporal punishment against children are done.

The local authorities conducted an investigation due to the disclosures found by the media, but reported that they did not find any children in the care of the movement, which is true because the children are signed up to the boot camps by their parents and when there are no boot camp scheduled there are not children present [4]

Another aspect are that if a situation had occured where the authorities had found children in the care of the movement, it was the local authorties which had to pay for putting the children into the fostercare system - not the state. For a sparsely-populated area this could be a huge cost. The movement are establishing themselves in areas known as "the rotten banana" where there is no jobs and no education to get. After heavy critic od the [5]


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